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Announcing a First for Roberta!

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Roberta has recorded her first CD:

SoulCollage® and Grief
Illustrating the healing after loss.

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For more information and how to purchase this remarkable new disc online for $14.95, please go here to the SoulCollage® web shop.
If you would prefer to purchase the disc directly from Roberta at one of her workshops that you will be attending, please send her an email requesting her to bring a copy for you.

"An experienced hospice and bereavement counselor shares how she has used the expressive power of SoulCollage® in groups and with individuals in their lourney through grieving, and how the structure of SoulCollage® dovetails with the bereavement theory she uses in her work. Rook assumes in her talk that the listener will have a basic understanding of SoulCollage®.

Roberta Rook, M.A., LCPC, is a SoulCollage® Trainer and Facilitator and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She discovered SoulCollage® through her work as a Bereavement Counselor and Program Coordinator for Hospice of the Chesapeake in Maryland. In her professional and personal work, Roberta has found SoulCollage® cards to be "small yet mighty," taking on a life of their own as they embody the hopes, struggles, spiritual substance, and healing transformations of their creators."

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Tracks on the CD

  1. The Power of Grief to Transform a Life
  2. SoulCollage® Cards & the Questions of Grief
  3. Facilitating Grieving in Groups with SoulCollage®
  4. Deep Individual Bereavement Work: A Story