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This website is devoted to the use of the SoulCollage® technique to promote self-exploration, personal healing and transformation. Roberta Rook's vision is that through the facilitation of the SoulCollage® process, she can assist others in deepening their connection with their true Essence. Roberta will be offering SoulCollage® groups, workshops, and trainings, open to all on the journey towards Awareness. Please click on the New Events and Workshops link in the Menu for more information on groups and training.

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What is SoulCollage®?

 SoulCollage® is an interactive and dynamic technique using collage-making to explore aspects of the self, life roles, important relationships with others, life patterns/themes, and the spiritual imagery/guides one uses to derive meaning from life experience.

 Collages made using the SoulCollage® process are small and of a uniform size, the purpose of this being that participants create a deck of collaged cards from found images such as those taken from magazines, calendars, books, or personal photos. soulcollage logo Therefore, the process does not require artistic ability, though many artists and those with artistic tendencies are drawn to SoulCollage®.

 There are four basic types, or suits, of collages used in the SoulCollage® process. An infinite number of collages of each of these suits can be made, so that with time an individual can create a whole collection of collages. This collection, or deck, can then be drawn from when there is an important life question or issue to consider. Therefore, the same collection of collages can be experienced in a new way each time a few are selected from a deck. Each time there will be new combinations, as well as new things to see in each collage.

Individuals can make collages on their own or within a group setting. Within a group, collages are discussed and explored using role-playing and non-judgmental feedback. Those who create SoulCollage® cards learn to speak from the image, rather than about it, and to journal what they spoken from the imagery. This role-playing of the image is more active and alive than a detached description of what the picture is about. Whether created in solitude or within the group, the collages enable those who create them to develop a powerful visual and written record of the journey that is life!

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In a SoulCollage® group, members provide witness to each other's creations and deeply listen to what each card-maker has to say about his or her collage. With the card-maker's permission, group members offer supportive feedback and open inquiry about each card made. Each member therefore has the experience of having the inner parts depicted in the cards truly seen and respected by others. Feedback offered in a spirit of non-judgment and compassion can further enhance each card-maker's understanding of the meaning of a card. Connections made in this way can be profound.


 It is deeply spiritual work, yet a person of any faith tradition, philosophy, or spiritual background can use it. Making a SoulCollage® is at once relaxing, fun, revealing, and an exercise in self-transformation - there is really nothing like it!

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Announcing a First for Roberta!

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 Roberta has recorded her first CD, "SoulCollage® and Grief "- Illustrating the healing after loss. Click here for more information and how to purchase this remarkable new disc.

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About the Design of This Website

Ever since I started to entertain the idea of having my own Website when I began to facilitate the amazing process that is SoulCollage® in 2006, I knew what the name of my practice had to be - Illustrated Soul.


The word “illustrate” is from the Latin “illustratus”, which means to “purify”, or “make bright”, and the word “illustrate” itself includes the meanings “to enlighten”, or “to provide explanation visually”. This is what I feel SoulCollage® enables us to do—to provide a visual explanation of our selves and souls.

For me, the term “illustrated soul” also conveys what the best of body art does. The best tattoos, I believe, are Soul art, and so I wished to capture the beauty of classic tattoo imagery throughout this Website. The swallows and bluebirds depicted here are very much like those British sailors would have placed on their skin. The more swallows a sailor collected, the longer and more arduous his journeys had been, and for sailors to actually see such birds meant land was not far away. If the sailor were to drown, it was believed the birds would carry his soul to heaven. And the birds also came to depict love, showing the loyalty of their wearer in returning to home and family.

The metaphor of the birds is that they symbolize the return from the Hero’s Journey, a going home to what is essential to the heart. And so this SoulCollage® process takes us on our own journey through self, through life’s trials and joys, back to the “home” of our true Essence, to the Source which connects us all. May you find this to be true as well as you endeavor to illustrate your own Soul.

For making my vision possible through this Website, I extend deep thanks and love to my husband and Website Designer, James Rook. The creation of something which so perfectly captures my SoulCollage® journey would not have been possible without his dedication.

Roberta Rook